There’s an unwritten rule here at Rancho Indebto: If something is missing and you buy a replacement, you will soon find the missing item. However, you will only find the missing item after you’ve opened and discarded the packaging.

Yesterday was the perfect case in point.

My iPhone charger had been AWOL for days on end. I tore the house apart looking for the critter, but it was nowhere to be seen. Facing a week on the road without a computer to charge the iPhone (via USB), I eventually gave in and bought a new universal iPod charger.

USB iPod cables typically go missing around here. I wised up and bought a bunch (for a buck a piece) a while back. But I’ve never misplaced a charger for more than a day or so … until this week.

The inevitable happened, only hours after I unboxed (depackaged?) my snappy new charger. Ye Old iPod Charger magically appeared beneath a stack of papers on my desk … the very same stack of papers that I checked numerous times.


There are worse things to have in life than a spare iPod charger …