I’ve been using linux for a few years now.  It makes my brain hurt to count backwards so I’ll just say about five years or more.  Recently I started paying attention to a bunch of interesting RSS feeds to which I subscribed, some on the One True OS<tm> – linux.

One of the many reasons I use linux is the community.  As if I couldn’t learn most of what I need to know from websites and breaking things myself, the local Linux User Group (LUG) is staggeringly helpful.  Funny too.

But when I really started to pay attention, I noticed a ton of whining from inside the community.  Ok, perhaps whining is a bit strong.  We’ll call it vigorous complaining, ok?

Like any community or group, we are going to have fighting.  But it seems that our fighting is all about the silly stuff:

  • My distro is better than yours
  • OMG – Unity instead of GNOME in the next Ubuntu!
  • That color is ugly.
  • We need more color.
  • But it’s not open source
  • How the hell do you pronounce Suse anyway?

Of the items listed above, most don’t seem worth the argument.  If you don’t like a distro or color or desktop, use a different one.

I suppose if you asked others, they might not count their argument as silly.  Perhaps a better title for this entry would be STOP WHINING ABOUT THE SILLY STUFF AND WHINE ABOUT THE STUFF I FIND MORE INTERESTING , please.

I’m pretty happy to have a FOSS OS that blows away the commercial ones in terms of stability and speed.  My parents also taught me not to bitch (too much) about things I got for free.

But don’t get me wrong: I definitely have my sore spots:

  • One word: Documentation
  • a rough release or two
  • It requires what to install it?
  • Ever try editing a menu under XFCE?  (don’t)

Matt Hartley has a very well thought-out post about improvements needed to the linux desktop.  Of Matt’s list, I especially like “Make things just work” and “Dedicated home partitions”.  He makes things sound pretty simple, which is more of what we need in the community.

I’m not saying that people shouldn’t make themselves heard.  I just think that everyone doesn’t need to be heard one hundred percent of the time.  Hold a little back for the cause perhaps….  put a little less energy into war and more into playing nicely in the communal sandbox.


My mom told me that if I didn’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything.  They thought I was a mute until I was eighteen.