From what I’ve been able to ascertain thus far, it’s loaded with goodness. The distribution file is smaller, due to a completely revamped installer. There are more and also updated extensions. The Unix/Linux version is more stable, with a number of fixes applied.

The browser seems tad faster, but the installer is lightning! (Not that we hope to be doing this much, but it is faster by a large margin.) It is also intelligent. By that, I mean that on my Windows 7 machine, I have the menu entry for Opera under a heading of Internet, where I group all programs having to do with internet access, like browsers, FTP program, RSS reader, etc.  Opera used to, up to and including the last beta, put itself in the first level of the menu as a matter of course, without checking if it was one or two levels down in the menu. Now the installer did, and replaced the older Opera icon with a newer one. That is the kind of thing all programs (and their designers) should be smart enough to do. It’s a small but important thing, that shows a bit more care than the typical slam-it-into-the-menu entry.

I’ve been using it for a few hours, and no surprises, but then I have had no problems with the earlier (first) Opera 11 build. I did not install any extensions but the StumbleUpon and the Opera wrench, so consequently, I have had no problems with extensions. It also means I can’t report on the problems, but since I am more interested in solid and speedy browsing, I tend to be slow to adopt any additional things. I was that way when I used add-ins with Mozilla.

from the Desktop Team site –

we are working hard on making our new extensions feature better, more functional and more stable. This build is the result of more than a week of our work on extensions, and also contains a small Unite surprise, fixes for the new Windows installer, and a nice set of *nix bug fixes.

From now on, Unite Application will no longer be delivered with the browser installer. Instead, they will be downloaded when launched for the first time. This noticeably reduces the installer size.

There’s a new feature which involves an autoupdate feature for Opera Extensions and Unite Applications as well. It is not fully functional yet, as we are still working over server farm configuration.

Attention Extension Developers! Here’s something you were definitely waiting for. You don’t need to pack and install your extension every time you want to just test it. Now you can simply drag&drop your config.xml onto the browser for a quick preview.

and then the changes, good and bad –

Known issues

  • DSK-317511 (DEP information displayed during Opera startup on Windows)
  • DSK-316707 (Opera crashes when surfing pages while Ubiquity extension is installed when Open All Popups is enabled)
  • DSK-317493 (Opera process isn’t closed after running Web Storage quota extension and shutting down browser)
  • DSK-316682 (Ensure that the extension toolbar is visible)
  • DSK-315418 (Not possible to move extension button)
  • DSK-315232 (Extensions pop-up windows are transparent when loading)
  • DSK-316102 (User JS not loaded when page loads too fast)
  • CORE-33382 (User JS code not run in extensions if page does not include a script tag)
  • CORE-33775 (User JS extensions don’t run on HTTPS sites)

WARNING: This is a development snapshot: It contains the latest changes, but may also have severe known issues, including crashes and data loss situations. In fact, it may not work at all.



  • Initial framework for widget based app autoupdate, and download on demand for Unite apps (Unite apps removed from installer)


  • DSK-316449 (Changed window type of Extension Popup)
  • DSK-317295 (Crash when enabling/disabling extension repeatedly)
  • DSK-315400 (Extension pop-up covers Password toolbar)
  • DSK-316777 (Extension button crash)
  • DSK-315076 (Showing/hiding extension buttons results in log on stdout)
  • DSK-315857 (D’n’d of config.xml onto Opera doesn’t install extension)
  • DSK-316558 (Crash on exit after installing Remco’s tab count)
  • DSK-316547 (Installation of broken oex from local disk doesn’t display failure warning)
  • DSK-316554 (Opera crashes when installing mini feed extension twice)
  • DSK-316663 (Crash on when watching new photos of friends)
  • CORE-33697 (Windows.onblur: add missing call to register for platform window events)
  • CORE-33669 (Disabling of UserCSS; disable is temporary in nature, hence)
  • CORE-33462 (UserJS only supported for non-extension gadgets if compiled in ‘lax security’)
  • CORE-33813 (Crash when enabling JavaScript on a page when JavaScript is globally disabled)
  • CORE-33958 (Opera crashes with the longclick extension on #links)
  • White list for untrusted repositories support for extensions installation


  • CORE-4308 (innerHTML doesn’t serialize the nbsp character as an entity)
  • CORE-31557 (JavaScript crash at MediaFire and Google Docs)
  • CORE-32190 (Crash when calling aliased back, forward functions)
  • CORE-32461 (Master password no longer working)
  • CORE-32728 (Missing graphics in Canvas based HTML5 games)
  • CORE-16380 (Can not inspect closures and scopes)
  • CORE-32778 (Unable to change display property on <audio> (with controls))
  • CORE-32515 (Blocked URL page not displayed when URL is redirected)
  • CORE-24632 (JPEG encoder adds a magenta line on the right edge of the image if its width is not a multiple of 2)
  • CORE-32458 (XHR regressions)
  • CORE-32457 (DOM crash on
  • CORE-31577 (JS memory leak)
  • CORE-32548 (Area focus issue)
  • CORE-32549 (data: image only produces onload every two reloads)
  • CORE-32550 (document onload fails with DSE if bad markup and window.onload exists)
  • CORE-26294 (Opera disallows “fragment identifier channel” communication across frames from different servers on https)
  • CORE-29840 (document.constructor===Object returns true)
  • CORE-30700 (Have to click back several times on
  • CORE-31618 (Calling cloneNode(true) on a form creates a form with an empty “elements” array)
  • CORE-31841 (Image load event regressions)
  • CORE-27565 (window.focus() should focus a contentEditable=true BODY)
  • CORE-32281 (focus() related regressions)
  • CORE-32287 (Feed crash)
  • CORE-32827 (focus() fails with delayed stylesheet loading)
  • CORE-31277 (Non-empty block with height explicitly set to 0 does not prevent from margin collapsing)
  • CORE-28976 (Constructor for text node is not Text)
  • CORE-29690 (DFDS calendar not working)
  • CORE-29663 (Support document.head (HTML5))
  • CORE-30510 (focus() on display:none textarea blurs active textarea (lost focus when Twitter loads))
  • CORE-18721 (Margin collapsing)
  • CORE-31290 (Element’s bottom margin is calculated incorrectly when its last child is an empty box with height explicitly set to 0)
  • CORE-18579 (Contact list at Hotmail/ fails to display names in Opera (getComputedStyle() height/width when parent is display:none))
  • CORE-31957 (Crash when modifying white space text node between table-cells)
  • CORE-30091 (Input in inline-block with non-visible overflow is duplicated and causes freeze)
  • CORE-26267 (Media queries not applied correctly when widening screen)
  • CORE-32266 (Update problem with fixed positioned descendant of abs/fixed box)
  • CORE-31858 (Crash on delayed CSS transition chain)
  • CORE-32116 (Crash on Gmail)
  • CORE-31778 (Adding new STYLE via JavaScript + :first-letter causes match on bogus CSS selector)
  • CORE-13758 (getComputedStyle wrong for top/left/bottom/right styles, breaks YUI)
  • CORE-31361 (Table row background image not repainted across all cells initially)
  • CORE-32044 (Float container does not stretch to fit a child text node and sibling min-width inline-block (Facebook PM))
  • CORE-31420 (Top offset on a relatively positioned floated sibling of inline-block miscalculated)
  • CORE-32028 (Table cells separated by LF CR in the source code adds an extra table cell in the row)
  • CORE-31772 (Missing clean-up of generated content inside layout-generated table elements)
  • CORE-31221 (Crash with top.location = javascript:this)
  • CORE-32651 (SVG crash with feBlend and discard)
  • CORE-32695 (Web Workers do not work in widgets)
  • CORE-32835 (Dragonfly: Setting event breakpoint ‘load’ crashes Opera)
  • CORE-31236 (3rd party cookies not set)
  • CORE-27133 (Opera is unusable if autoproxy script contains an infinite loop)
  • CORE-32824 (array.indexOf( differs from array.indexOf(window))
  • CORE-30659 (Enable-background example from SVG 1.1 spec rendered incorrectly)
  • CORE-31258 (SVG filter feMerge / feMergeNode doesn’t render correctly)
  • CORE-32673 (Fail to import some root CA certs in the pem format)
  • CORE-32876 (SVG color parsing seems to apply some HTML quirks)
  • CORE-32067 (A mask with zero opacity should not affect pointer-events)
  • CORE-33459 (Favicon repainting regression)
  • CORE-32904 (Posix host resolver crashes on
  • CORE-33712 (Crash on destroying plugin from script running by other plugin instance (Google maps street view))
  • CORE-30815 (End key puts cursor at begin of next line instead of end of the current line)


  • CORE-22539 (Typing Japanese is extremely slow in contentEditable / designMode fields)


  • CORE-32349 (Crash when someone connects to Unite)
  • CORE-32146 (Flash inside overflowed container still visible with USE_PLUGIN_EVENT_API (windowed mode))
  • DSK-307669 (Canceling a widget drag under Openbox crashes the Window manager)
  • DSK-304220 (Dead keys and cyrillic fail if XMODIFIERS is set but an IME is not used)
  • DSK-310055 (External links can’t be opened from widgets on Linux)
  • DSK-310684 (Save/Open file chooser doesn’t have “browse” controls on Old Redhat and Ubuntu (KDE3))
  • DSK-313016 (Improve X11 UI presentation (also used when running KDE3))
  • DSK-310646 (Dragging UI elements use the Opera icon)
  • DSK-308318 (Using window resize handle while maximised corrupts screen)
  • DSK-301652 (HTML5 input type=range buggy on Linux when styled to be vertical)
  • DSK-300205 (Right-click + scroll wheel gestures trigger context menu when “cycle without showing list” is enabled)
  • DSK-311921 (Not all colors are changed when changing color setting under KDE)
  • DSK-297966 (Personal bar text color doesn’t change when changing theme)
  • DSK-308942 (Can’t drop multiple files as attachment)
  • DSK-311284 (Tooltip thumbnails can be clipped in when there is no composition manager running)
  • DSK-311481 (Font selector dialog returns wrong color)
  • DSK-311648 (Print selection does not work)
  • DSK-312102 (Rightclick popup menu no longer show image file name)
  • DSK-311994 (The zoom popup window does not open in the correct vertical position)
  • DSK-312000 (Embedded popup can not always be closed)
  • DSK-312211 (Popup menus using KDE style do not have borders)
  • DSK-313596 (Disable Window Manager sync protocol support to improve window resize speed)
  • DSK-313761 (Middle-click in edit fields searches on Google as well as pasting)
  • DSK-311870 (Zoom slider knob doesn’t follow mouse movement)

Normally, I would not have included all the list, but I want the newbies, that might be wanting to check out Opera to see how open the team is about problems.

If you see this, you might think the current build 11.00 build 1045 is not fit for consumption, but that is not the case. These Opera guys are perfectionists, and many things most would never notice, or possibly use, is noted. When the version finally goes Gold it will be superior to other browsers in many ways, and certainly more bug free. They will wring the browser to get all the bugs out, and the features locked in just so.

Give this one a try, as it is certainly stable, however, not all the things that usually are changeable, like font choices, are working, but that is usual for this time in the development cycle. For browsing it works great, and, if you install it on top of an older version, it will keep your older settings for fonts and other things – they just can’t be changed from within the browser right now. I expect that to change in the next week.

Give this one a try, it can be an eye opener, with all it does, and now what is will do with the extensions.


Opera, the fastest and most secure web browser

this will get you 10.63, if you want totally stable version, but you don’t get the latest speed enhancements, nor do you get the ability to try the extensions…

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