There should be an image here!How would you feel at the prospect of your iPhone becoming an eWallet? I imagine for many of us, the idea holds a certain level of appeal. For the other half of us, we must work to overcome a fear of potential data abuse, data interception  by malicious types, and other security headaches. So does the latter make us a bit paranoid? I mean, surely hacking such a system would be terribly difficult, right? Well that is what they said about RFID… and we all know what a joke the security with those tags has become.

This time, we are talking about an integrated SIM that will enable Apple to do a lot of new cool things with the upcoming iPhone 5. Some real possibilities include users being able to extend the reach of their desktop Macs onto their mobile devices as if they were there in front of them. Case in point would be users being able to carry their Mac user settings and  other relevant data with them from machine to machine, wirelessly. The advancements offered here are mind boggling.

The new rumored SIM chip, bundled with other directions Apple appears to be headed with its moves to stop supporting optical media in the near future indicate that there is a serious push for cloud computing. The difference with Apple vs. Google, among others, is that the cloud Apple has in mind will likely use the iOS devices as an authenticating tool to link the Mac to the cloud. And this may be the missing link in cloud computing thus far from a security perspective — at least in the enterprise realm.

[Photo above by James Vaughan / CC BY-ND 2.0]