There should be an image here!Do you have an Apple TV? Do you like Pandora or other Internet radio services? Sadly, you could not use Pandora on Apple TV — until now. Today I will be showing you how to use an awesome application called Airfoil to steam any sound source to your Apple TV or any iOS device. I love my Apple TV and I still wonder why Apple did not include a Pandora app or something similar. Airfoil will work with both Windows and OS X. I will be showing you how to use the OS X version. Both setups are pretty much the same though.

Stuff you need:

First, download Airfoil from the Rogue Amoeba site. Once downloaded, extract the contents of the folder to your desktop. When you open it, you will see two applications: Airfoil and Airfoil Speakers. Airfoil Speakers is an app you can copy to another Mac and stream your sound. It is a portal to your network sound stream.

If you have not already done so, set up your Apple TV and connect it to your network. It does not matter if you have wireless or wired — they both work just fine for this project.

Now let’s start up Airfoil. Once started, you should see at least two objects in the application window. First is your computer, second is your Apple TV. If you do not see your Apple TV, make sure it is on and connected to the network. Below all that, you will see a drop down. Click on it and select “Other Application.” Select your Pandora app.

Once you select Pandora, click on the speaker icon next to your Apple TV. If not already installed, Airfoil will ask you to install Instant Hijack. If don’t want to have to restart your sound source each time you run Airfoil, install this. Personally, I did not see a need for this and did not install it.

Like magic, you will hear your Pandora stream over your Apple TV. One cool feature is that Airfoil will not play the sound on your PC and TV at the same time. One of the best features of the software is that there are apps for all iOS devices. Setup is the same for each; just download the app from the App Store, open it and you will see your device in Airfoil on your Mac. The trial lasts for 10 minutes before it starts including “noise” with the stream. For $25 you can have an Apple TV (Or any iOS device) that can play any media you want! Maybe one day Apple will include this feature with future updates, especially when you can buy TVs and Blu-ray players with Pandora installed.

Happy streaming!

Chris Kader is a 22-year-old fellow from Arkansas. He’s in the Army and he loves tech. Check out his YouTube channel here.

[Photo above by Rob Boudon / CC BY-ND 2.0]