While Fedora has always been one of my favorite distributions of Linux (my first actual working Linux machine was a K6-2-500 with Fedora 3) it has come to be known as a difficult first time distribution. It does not coddle the user like some others, and is likely only going to frustrate all but the persistent and studious.

Once the differences are noticed, and the oddities worked with, it is very business-like and easily used.

This is continuing with the latest revision of Fedora, number 14, and it is also said, in a small slashdot notice, that the rewards of its use are many this time around.

Several readers have sent word that Fedora 14, codenamed Laughlin, has been released. A brief listing of the major changes has been posted, and the download is available at the Fedora project’s site. Reader jfruhlinger points out a quick review of the new version, saying, “Remember the days when being a Linux user was like being part of a select priesthood — arcane knowledge needed, but great rewards? Steven Vaughan-Nichols has tested out Fedora 14, and that was how it went. No Ubuntu-style handholding, but some powerful new features.”

If you move into the review, from the link above (and I did), you’ll find that Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols is the reviewer, and probably the most noted Linux writer of today. When he says there are still problems, that was enough for me to stick with Fedora 13, and wait for the fixes.

As for the immediate rewards – well, I must have missed that part of the review.


Download Opera – A faster and more secure Web browser.

– that works well on Fedora, or most other distributions of Linux.

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