There should be an image here!A lot of people are familiar with and have participated in polls, especially when election time comes around. When it comes down to it, the best way to get a feel for what people are thinking is to simply ask them, and when you combine the results to see what the percentages are, things start to get interesting. Polls are even more interesting when they’re done in a live setting. For example, someone who’s presenting at a conference may ask the attendees to take a quick poll so that the results can be collected and displayed immediately. This data can be fascinating, and instead of using a needlessly expensive solution for this, you can use iVoted.

This service offers a free solution, but if you need support for more participants and other features, then you can pick the right paid plan for your needs. To use iVoted, you just create your poll and then participants can respond via e-mail, Twitter, SMS, or their Web browser. You’ll get the results in real time, and soon all of your questions will be answered.