There should be an image here!The wit and wisdom of the Twittersphere is captured in this hilarious, and occasionally poignant, collection of handpicked tweets — the first-ever book created exclusively using content from!

To demonstrate the real-time nature of Twitter during a recent lecture, New York Times “Circuits” columnist David Pogue turned from his PowerPoint presentation to his Twitter page and typed “I need a cure for hiccups… RIGHT NOW! Help?” In less than 15 seconds, feedback poured in: “Have someone slowly & softly count backwards from 10-1 in Russian for you. Works every time!” “Simple. Just hold your breath until Windows 7 is released.”

So in addition to his daily posts about technology, Pogue began posing questions to his “followers” that ranged from the earnest (What’s your greatest regret?) to the curious (What’s the best bumper sticker you’ve seen lately?) to the creative (Make up an ancient Chinese proverb). The responses, edited by Pogue and gathered in this irresistible book, are clever and often laugh-out loud funny.

The World According to Twitter is at once a marvelous book and a grand social networking experiment in which tens of thousands of voices have come together to produce a humorous, thought-provoking record of shared human experience.