Today I ran a manual update check on my Roku box. Excited, as I have been anticipating access to my Hulu Plus account for weeks now (this is fall, right?), I noticed that it said an update was available. Awesome!

So I ran  the Roku updater, restarted my box and sure enough, it’s received some updates! A new layout for channels, and some fall leaves at the top of the screen. Oh, a clock… yeah, a clock. No Hulu Plus access yet. For now, I am fine with getting my Hulu Plus from my notebook to my TV via my notebook. After all, I can get more content choices this way as the media outlets put restrictions on what Hulu Plus can offer on devices like my iPhone and eventually, my Roku box. But why offer this update if there isn’t Hulu Plus released yet for my device?

Digging deeper, I noticed that one article indicated that Hulu Plus was being made available to everyone who wants to subscribe and we can expect to see it launching on the PS3 and Xbox this week. Based on this, I think it is safe to conclude that Roku will also be seeing this happen, possibly this week or next as well. It seems plausible to me.

Most people (still) argue that Hulu Plus is stupid because one has to deal with commercials and paying a whopping $10 per month, which is going to be dropping to less by the way. Big deal. Comparing this to what I actually watch, bundled with what my satellite bill used to look like, this is a steal. Viewing habits may vary, but for my household, this is a no-brainer.