I’ve been playing with a few releases of the Internet Explorer 9 beta. It’s not bad. It’s nothing to write home about, but at least I see Web sites being rendered properly for once, so that is a treat, I suppose.

Seems that that some article picked up on how an early release of IE9 handles what will become, HTML5. That’s great, but honestly, we’re a little early here. Facts are IE9 is just a beta quality browser still being developed. And HTML5 is still under heavy development. So wouldn’t it stand to reason that we need to give IE9 more time to become ready for prime time before coming to any judgments either way?

There are going to be plenty of browsing options available as both IE9 and HTML5 come to full maturity. Yes, IE9 is better than 7 and even 8, to a degree. But it’s nothing worth getting too excited over until we have a final product on both fronts to see in action. But this is just my take on the situation.