Today I was on my Twitter account for a really long time. After I spent time discussing a train schedule with my sister, a baby shower with my best friend, and struck a deal with a follower for a guest post on his website, it became clear that Twitter has replaced my email as my main communication tool.

That deal regarding the guest post probably wouldn’t have happened had the message been sent via email. My inbox has become so bombarded with junk that I ignore most of my messages, especially the ones that are inquiries about my website. There are tons of spammers out there seeking out any web site owner they can take advantage of.

Twitter gives me way more control over my messages than email. Only people I follow can Direct Message me. Others can throw me a mention, and those can be filtered too. Twitter is all about the people in my circle, the only ones I really care to hear from. Email doesn’t work like that. Nearly any idiot can get your email address if they want to.

Twitter is also the place where I build relationships. If I want to find others in my industry to help my business out, I might tweet them. If I tried doing that in email, my message would likely end up in the trash.

I also get less notifications from Twitter than I do with email. When I get a DM notification, I know it’s probably going to be something I’m interested in from a person I value. My email account has a spam filter, but I still get bombarded with nonsense email regularly. By noon, my inbox is inundated with spam, newsletters and other crap I never read.

I never thought a site like Twitter and it’s 140 character limit would replace so many uses that were once delegated to email. Email still has a spot in my life, but in a much diminished role.