Wednesday evening while watching the tube our screen froze. No matter what I tried I could not get a picture so I did a hard reboot of the DVR. When it fired back up, I got a ‘Hard Drive Failure’ notice. Sure enough the DVR didn’t work, but I was still able to watch life TV. On Thursday morning I went onto the Dish Network site and had a chat with technical support. Once they confirmed the problem, they went to order a replacement. No joy. The system was being updated so I need to call back.

Now I must admit that my thoughts were not kind. In the afternoon I went back to Dish Network chat, and completed the order for a replacement. My wife asked when I thought a replacement would arrive and I figured about Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. Thursday evening I received an email notifying that the receiver had shipped from Denver was coming over night air. Interesting. So when I checked this morning when I got up, I checked with UPS and sure enough the receiver was out for delivery.

At 10:00am the door bell rang and their was a special UPS driver with the replacement in hand. Following the simple to follow directions I was up and running within an hour. Now I just have to set up my favorite channels and I will be finished.

It is rare that we ever thank a corporation for the customer service, but in this case I just want to thank Dish Network. Thanks for the excellent technical support I received and for a fast replacement being sent over night.

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