There should be an image here!One of the most common complaints I hear from people using Internet Explorer is the slow load time. The culprit: add-ons preinstalled with a computer or ones that have been installed over time. Add-ons seriously impact your browser’s performance and drastically slow it down. So if you want to increase the load time of Internet Explorer, get rid of the unnecessary add-ons.

Internet Explorer 8 makes it simple to manage add-ons with the Manage Add-ons feature. Within Internet Explorer, click the Tools menu and select Manage Add-ons. The Manage Add-ons window appears listing all add-ons currently loaded.

To determine which add-on is causing the slow load time, check the load time for each add-on in the list. The load time is the average amount of time in seconds that an add-on takes to load and finish initializing. Every time Internet Explorer 8 starts or you open a new window, these add-ons are created and initialized. Once you identify which add-on is causing the problem, you can disable it from the Manage Add-ons window. Simply select the add-on and click the Disable button.

[Photo above by Dimitri N / CC BY-ND 2.0]