In a day and age when we rely on high-tech gadgets to do are bidding, the ingenuity of people never ceases to amaze me. While crooks use scanners to gain access to consumers ATM information, one crook in San Francisco has resorted to using napkins to steal cash from ATM customers. A local merchant watched as the suspect took napkins and jammed them into the cash slot at a local ATM. He contacted police who responded and subsequently arrested the man. During their investigation the police found another ATM machine that also had the cash slot jammed with napkins.

According to a report, the suspect jams the cash slot with napkins. He would wait until a customer tried using the machine, until the person became frustrated in not receiving their funds. The suspect would wait until the customer left, remove the napkins and also the cash.

If this happens to you and your cash does not appear in the slot, reach up inside the machine. You may just find a napkin blocking the cash from coming out.

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Source – SF Examiner