Election time is upon us.  If you’re near the polls in Delaware, remember Christine O’Donnell, who can’t quite understand where the First Amendment says separation of church and state.  Perhaps she’s been teabagged one time too many.

If you hate your job, and who among us doesn’t, just head on over and read Confessions of Walmart EmployeesMy favorite so far is the extended section on poo.  After you’re finished with Walmart, and who among us isn’t, read about the trials and tribulations of working electronics retail.

Toy Submarine Recalled After Doing Damage To Little Boys’ Private Bits

The White House is rumored to be covering up the fact that it was designed by Hillary Clinton.

Kanye West ‘contemplated suicide’

Some people simply cannot follow through.

In tonight’s News of the Ironic, a hacker hit Kaspersky‘s website.

RIM says customers are “tired of being told what to think by Apple.”

Not if they’re Apple customers, apparently.

Nuclear strike codes went missing for months, during Clinton’s reign.

Finally – a believable explanation for Monica Lewinsky!

Left-Handed Gamers Getting Left Behind?

MORE discrimination against lefties.  If I gave a rat’s ass about games, I’d be outraged!