Whether we like it or not, many of us live and die by e-mail. It’s definitely a necessary evil, and you probably don’t need me to remind you that it can get out of hand quickly. Most of what I do takes place through e-mail, so I tend to shudder when I open my e-mail client. I’m sure you know the feeling. One of the problems with e-mail is that not everything needs to be acted on right away, but if you don’t have a good reminder system in place, then you’re likely to let things slip through the cracks. Nudgemail uses the e-mail system that you’re already familiar with to provide reminders that work.

You can write or forward e-mail messages to Nudgemail, so it works for messages that you receive, but it can also remind you about things that you write on your own. All you do is specify when you want Nudgemail to send the message back to you using date and time instructions, and the service is clever enough to understand what you want and act on it. Sure, you still have to receive the messages again, but at least they’ll be delivered on your schedule.