I can only hope that The Sufficiency of Grace is just a preview of what this gifted, debut  writer will hopefully have for us in the future.

Published by Tate publishing,  a Christian enterprise out of Oklahoma, one can  be assured that what you will read is wholesome as well as intriguing.

In the novel our protagonists are Grace Green, her son Sam, and a handyman named Jack Hammer. Together they pit themselves against the onslaughts of a community that would rather see the worst in people than see them as God sees them.

Within the scope of the novel you will experience deep sadness as you see the things that Grace is forced to endure but also deep compassion through the eyes of Jack who stands beside Grace and her son through it all.

Very seldom has this reviewer had a book of such deep spiritual insight into the lives of real people. I found that after the first couple of chapters I had a real struggle with myself putting it down and now can’t wait for Sarah’s next book.

I would unashamedly give this book a 5 star rating and suggest that anyone who is struggling with issues where they feel judged by others, especially in the church, take the time to read this book. It will definitely be worth  your time.

Review by: Jacquelyn S. Schenone

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