During my first week using the Roku XD Model 2050X, I learned a few things that I wanted to share with you.

The Pros:

The unit shines brightly when you stream movies from Netflix. I have been able to stream movies in 720P without any issues. The quality is just as good as what you would find playing a DVD. This can only get better once Netflix starts to offer ALL of their movies for streaming. I for one could see a day when I would not even have to wait for the DVD to arrive, return it and wait for the next movie.

Pandora offers a good variety of music and I recommend this service.

If and when Roku gets Hulu Plus, we may be able to watch real-time or close to real-time TV streamed to our HDTV.

The Cons:

Unless you opt for a pay for view service like Netflix or the soon to be released Hulu Plus, the remainder of what you get for free, is not worth your time nor energy watching. Just my 2 cents.

I recommend a Roku for Netflix streaming and eventually Hulu Plus. I personally think it is so good, I ordered a second Roku XD Model 2050X for my bedroom HDTV.

Comments welcome.