In a turn of events no one saw coming, Harley Davidson will be opening a factory in India.  Apparently the bikes will be manufactured in the US but assembled in India.

I’m no Chief Financial Officer (even though I do play one on TV) but I can’t imagine the cost of assmebly being cheaper than transporting the parts twice.  This also may explain why I’m no Chief Financial Officer.

Actually, the point here is to manufacture the parts in the US and assemble them in India for the Indian market.

The Indian market?

Who knew?

The Harley-India trade came about in 2007, when India was allowed to export mangoes to the US and the US was allowed to export Harleys to India.


What the article does not go into is service.  With the great emigration of phone service to Indian call centers, one can only wonder how long it will take for Harley to outsource.

[with Indian accent] Hello and thank you very much for calling Harley Davidson support.  My name is `Rick’.  How can I help you?