How many times a week do we see commercials sharing the value of setting your own price on a travel getaway or other related ideas? Daily, I suspect. But what about allowing the temperature outside to dictate the price of apparel products being sold? Sound unlikely? The event actually happened and it happened using WeatherBug weather data.

Recently Macy’s had an event in which customers could get a deal on select winter coats, as dictated by the current temperature outside. Sounds intriguing? It should, as the colder it would become outside, the cheaper Macy’s coats would become inside.

As one might expect, there were a few limitations here to consider. First, it was central to a specific location within the New York City metro area. Second, this was available for Men’s Weatherproof Brand Jackets and Coats only. And lastly, this neat promotion has passed and was for a limited time only.

Lessons learned

From the event, I think we are seeing something fascinating things happening here. We are seeing the retail market becoming more receptive to involving outside sources into their marketing techniques. Using WeatherBug’s live, accurate weather data for a coat marketing campaign was both brilliant and on target.

And on the weather front, I think a marketing tie-in with the chill of winter weather at its focus, serves as a reminder that live weather data has become a cornerstone of any modern society.

Live WeatherBug weather data in your area

While you won’t be on the receiving end of any coats from Macy’s, WeatherBug can offer you something arguably just as important — live weather updates. No matter if you need timely weather updates and alerts from the National Weather Service on your desktop computer or perhaps or on your own mobile phone, WeatherBug has you covered.