Hello, I’m Andy, 27 years old. I live in the beautiful, but politically weird country of Belgium — home of French fries, beer, and chocolate.

I work in a candy store, which means I need to be at work at 7:30 AM, so all the little children can come and buy candy for school, and I stick around until 5 PM.

There should be an image here!My busiest times are of course when school begins or when it ends. During the day I’ve got loads of time and I spend most of it watching online content at YouTube, Break.com, and Failblog, but also Chris Pirillo’s feeds and a few music sites. Here are some of today’s finds.

7 AM
I woke up checking my Facebook and saw that Chris posted the greatest cat tattoo ever… I really don’t like tattoos! I always have to think how they will look when you yourself are the grandparents and you take your grandchildren swimming. How are you going to explain what happened to the kitty? Best kitty tattoo evah!

9 AM
The first school rush of the day is over; let’s check what’s online…

I’m a person who doesn’t make time to eat breakfast. I can honestly say the next movie isn’t one you want to see on a empty stomach! But if you really want to, here you go. It’s like the weirdest rollercoaster I’ve ever seen… you’re sitting face to face with someone you probably don’t know! I’m sorry for the girl sitting opposite of this girl…

I used to be a dog trainer. I had my own border collie that was great at everything except listening to what I had to say. Some Russian people trained their pit bull for some awesome parkour training. In Soviet Russia, dog trains you!

10 AM
After doing some shop-things I found this video titled Cute girl has amazing beat box skills and the title really explains itself. She’s really cute, though I find the part where she is beatboxing so weird (though awesome) that it’s really a turn-off. Maybe some B-Boy (or Girl for that matter) will make her happy some day!

The best movie I’ve found this morning was of the guy in a music studio titled Unknown country singer has amazing voice. I can tell you guys… I almost wet my pants with joy!

Hope you enjoyed this batch of finds! See you round. You can also follow me on Twitter (@AndyAerts), though my tweets will be mostly in Dutch.