It’s a clever idea. Taking a page from’s Web site preview and actually doing it in such a way that people can “preview” enough of the page before actually visiting it. While I don’t see Ask offering this functionality now, at one time it did and the windows provided were always too small to really use. After trying it out myself, I was amazed at how easy it was to roll from preview to preview without missing a beat. Another advantage I found was being able to spot the right page from the wrong page, quickly. Like if I was looking for a LinkedIn page belonging to someone, this preview feature would help me to make sure it’s the right person showing up in the Google results before I ever clicked it. That is just awesome.

Now for what I wish was included: news. Realizing how much more difficult this would be, I’d love to have this functionality on Google News in a big way. Movable preview windows. Not a deal killer by any stretch, it would be helpful to be able to move a preview window over if I needed to. Preview two or more sites at once, while moving them for comparison. Come on, I cannot be the only guy who feels this way?

The Google Preview idea is going to be a hit once it goes live. I mean, what’s not to like? Unlike the auto-complete functionality for results that can become annoying, if Google keeps the setup the way it has for testing, along with adding some of the new features I’ve discussed above, I believe we could have a huge hit on our hands. This is not to say that it’s going to revolutionize anything really, but it sure does make things a lot faster when it comes to sorting and sifting, that is for darned sure.