Apple needs to rethink their support for later revisions of the iOS for the iPhone 3G. Besides reports scattered through the web of people having massive problems with the upgrade to iOS 4.0 (myself included), now it seems that with iOS 4.2 being released, the question of performance has come up again.

Look, I feel that Apple is under no requirement to keep providing iOS upgrades for older phones. Especially from phones from 2008 and before. Fact is, the older revisions of the iOS run fine on the 3G and trying to “encourage” upgrades is causing problems.

In this case, it has been shown that we might finally have a variation of the iOS 4.x that doesn’t run like snot . But why should this have ever been an issue in the first place? Seriously, offer the update if you must Apple. But have the decency to at least to warn us of potential problems.