Social networks exist for people to be able to connect with each other and talk about common interests. While there is obviously an endless variety of topics that people discuss on social networks, one of the most popular ones involves entertainment, such as television shows. We talk about shows that we watch on television with our friends, so it’s only natural that those discussions would also be popular online. Miso has created a social network for TV, and if you’re in front of the television more than you’d like to admit, then it might be for you.

You just continue to watch TV like you always have been (tough job, eh?), but now you have a dedicated community of television connoisseurs that you can talk with. You can talk about the latest episode of your favorite show with other fans, share what you’re watching, follow shows, and even earn points and badges. Mobile apps also exist so that it’s even easier for you to just stay on the couch and be a part of Miso. Hey, can you grab me a soda while you’re up?