When most people think about hard drives, they usually bring to mind the brand they have had the greatest success with. Whether that is simply excellent performance, or lack of downtime, or both, the brand that many must think of, because of the sheer numbers delivered, is Seagate.

Seagate has made so many innovations, and had so many firsts in the hard drive business that it would be wrong to count them out as the best supplier just yet. Western Digital took over as number one supplier in the last year, but we all know how fortunes can change on a dime, especially in the computer business. One round of bad drives, or not delivering a performance gain that everyone else has delivered, and you’re out of the top slot.

The latest report is that Seagate has passed the 1.5 billion drives delivered mark, and TechConnect has a little more information about that feat –

Alright, so Seagate lost the top spot in the hard drive market this year, but the iconic storage company still has reasons for bragging, and one of them being the fact that it has shipped over 1.5 billion hard drives in its 31 years of existence.

Seagate had to wait until 2008 to reach the 1 billion mark but thanks to high demand it only needed two and a half years to deliver another 500 million units summing up to 39.5 million Terabytes. The countdown to 2 billion has already began so see you back here in about two years to celebrate the new milestone.

The numbers don’t tell whether Conner drives, the manufacturer that was an offshoot of Seagate, and then repurchased, figure into that 1.5 billion. Either way, Seagate is continuing the innovation, being the very first manufacturer to deliver hybrid hard drives (SSD and standard magnetic platters), and continues to work to reduce price and improve quality.

As much market share as Western Digital has of the standard desktop market, when people look for the utmost performance still, Seagate drives must be given a hard look, as WD has never delivered a 15K rotational speed drive to this date (Seagate Cheetah SCSI), and Seagate has been doing it for a few years. Seagate was also delivering 10K drives (early Barracudas) before anyone else had the manufacturing prowess to do it. From the ST-506 in 1980, to the hybrid drives of today, Seagate has always lead in the race to deliver the fastest, most reliable storage technology.

Thirty-one years is a start on a very full life for this company that as done so much for the personal computer market over the years.