We’ve been seeing reports of upset iPhone users or frustrated Mac enthusiasts complaining to Steve Jobs via email and as luck would have it, he’d respond. This is hardly new. But what about app developers who have dumped their whole world into an iOS application only to find that a specific revision needed to be made before Apple would accept it? It happens but one thing that doesn’t happen often is Steve Jobs calling you in response to the app rejection. Keep reading.

So apparently Seattle based app developer Ram Arumugam sent a frustrated email over to Steve Jobs. A short time later Arumugam received  a phone call from someone who wanted to offer some advice regarding the problem. His name was Steve Jobs. Now every geek has their geeky rock star. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Linus Torvalds, Larry Page — you get the idea. So to receive a call like this is enough to make an application developer’s heart skip a beat to be sure.

Jobs spoke with Arumugam and they talked about the rejection of the app due to a non-allowed API regarding the keyboard interface. After the call, Arumugam removed the API and resubmitted the app. It’s now approved and as of today, sits in the #1 slot for the finance category. Apparently talking to Steve on the phone is a little bit like finding a four leaf clover or some other lucky superstition. In the end, Steve was right and life is good.

Now comes the big question. If you could receive a call from a geek-like idol you admire, who would it be? One of the people above or perhaps, someone entirely different? Also, what questions would you ask them first? Hit the comments; let’s see who has the most creative line on questioning.