Mozilla looks to be taking on a new role in the browser game. Instead of merely going on as it always has, this time it is trying something new by addressing a major problem its users have when they want to share links with one another. Enter a new Mozilla concept called F1. The idea is fairly straightforward: Mozilla’s F1 allows users to share the links they want with their friends, but without fear of using unknown sources with questionable practices. I mean, do you really want to give out your email address to that strange sharing tool? Probably not.

The message here seems fairly clear. Mozilla is working to make sharing on the Web easier. And this is honestly something that is long overdue. There are a number of ways to sync bookmarks, among other nice features, but I’m not entirely sure this is a brand new concept. Wasn’t Flock doing this like two years ago already? Obviously, I cannot speak to who is doing this link sharing in a safer manner and, in the end, both are using Mozilla code as their base… perhaps it doesn’t really matter at all?

For Firefox users, though, this is cool as it means that users will be able to put their trust in Mozilla-branded extensions and free themselves from using the unknown. Speaking for myself, I am old school. Copy and paste more than does the job and the best part is I don’t have to worry about some unusual exploit surrounding the tools accessing my social media pages and creating headaches. Call me a luddite when it comes to changing my browsing habits, but it has worked great for me so far.