Welcome to a brave new world of content spam. That’s right folks, we now have content providers who have managed to figure out how to game Google News. Now I have worked first hand with other content providers elsewhere who manage blogs that feature their content in Google news. They play by the rules and getting attention there is not nearly as simple as with organic web results.

Perhaps it’s because there is real work involved that we are seeing more and more websites trying to find ways of repeating their appearance within Google News for any given topic. The worst part of it is this should have never been possible in the first place.

It’s a hole in how Google News works and while a source close to Google News claims that the offending website is being dealt with, I cannot help but question what Google plans on doing to tackle what is sure to be a growing spam problem within the news aggregation tool. Because you know something, if I am trying to track something about a specific product, I’d love to avoid a repeat of the same basic article over and over.