When a memo was leaked referencing a pay raise and bus Google was giving employees, I don’t believe many of us gave it much thought. But now it appears that the Google folks in charge, may have terminated the employee that leaked the information. In addition some are wondering why this has happened. Since this is a company that prides itself on their motto ‘do no evil’, was the firing justified?

In a recent article it states that:

Some corporate memos are confidential.

And some memos are “confidential”–meaning there’s no real expectation that they’ll stay within the family.

You’d assume that Eric Schmidt’s memo to “Googlers” announcing big raises falls in the latter category. If that’s all Googlers, that’s some 23,300 people, so that’s pretty much the same thing as issuing a press release, right?

But Google thinks otherwise, says CNNMoney’s David Goldman. He reports that the company has fired an engineer who passed the information along to Business Insider yesterday:

Within hours, Google notified its staff that it had terminated the leaker, several sources told CNNMoney. A Google spokesman declined to comment on the issue, or on the memo.

If this is true, I find the termination surprising. Google is a company that collects mountains of data about their users, yet when something as simple as a pay raise announcement is leaked, that clam up and fire the employee who leaked the information. One would suspect that this information was going to be made public eventually, or was Google trying to do this under the table? Did they believe they could keep this information a secret from their stock holders or the SEC?

What do you think? Was the termination justified?

Comments welcome.

Source – All Things Digital