Google recently unveiled Google Instant Previews, a not-so-revolutionary feature that allows searchers to preview a website in the results before clicking through.  As a user, I find the feature very useful. It helps me vet out spammy, less-credible websites. However, in terms of website design and development, the Google Instant Previews feature may be a game-changer. Poorly designed sites will suffer, particularly if they do not stand out or hold up against alternative sites/competitors. For example, I believe trust marks will be increasingly important, as recognizable industry logos will stand out in the thumbnails. On the search engine optimization (SEO), well-optimized copy will appear highlighted in the thumbnail, which may improve click-through.

We’ll see what the data shows over the next few weeks, as Google Instant has had little effect on the search engine marketing (SEM) industry, and the assumptions about its impact, like increased PPC rates & traffic to head terms, have been largely proven unsubstantiated. Feel free to visit Anvil’s search engine marketing Resources section for the latest on Google trends.