Email reminders have been all the rage for Web sites that just have to get you to visit them again. I’ve been unknowingly opted into many of these reminders many times. They add up and get more and more annoying each year. Most notably are the ones I get from flower delivery services that tell me “Don’t forget your anniversary with Sarah! Send her some flowers!” Or the online retailer that somehow knows my Dad’s birthday. “Don’t forget Dad’s birthday! Buy him a gift!”

Yah. Well, Sarah and I broke up about six years ago and my Dad passed away in July. Thank you for bringing back the memories, though! Your brand will now be associated with breakups and death.

I wish to rid my inbox of these annoyances, but for many of them you have to dig up an old email address, username and password from 10 years ago, login, find the setting and then wait for it to take effect. I’d better figure out how to do it though or I’ll go through this all again on Valentine’s Day and Father’s Day.