There should be an image here!You don’t need a grandchild to teach you Windows 7 — with this friendly guide, you’ll be using the mouse, working with folders, hooking up a printer, and cruising the Internet in nothing flat. Learn to use all the gizmos that come with Windows 7, shop online, view a slideshow of your favorite photos, send e-mail to a friend, enjoy music, and more!

  • Tour the desktop — learn to use menus, the Start menu button, files, and folders
  • Do it — create notes and letters, connect a printer, download photos from your digital camera, and put music on a CD
  • Have some fun — discover Solitaire and other built-in games, listen to music, and watch a movie
  • Use the accessories — display Gadgets on your desktop, draw with Paint, and use the Calculator
  • To keep or not — install additional programs you want and remove those you don’t need
  • Protect your Windows — learn to use the Action Center, download and install virus protection software, and keep it up to date
  • Have it your way — make your screen easier to see, open files with a single click, and even have your computer read to you
  • The wide, wide Web — shop and explore online and learn to stay safe

Open the book and find:

  • What’s on the taskbar
  • Directions for creating and saving documents
  • Steps for installing a printer and other peripherals
  • How to connect to the Internet anywhere
  • Backgammon and other games you can play online
  • Guidance on protecting your computer from viruses
  • How to send e-mail attachments
  • Advice on backing up documents and photos