If you regularly take screen shots, you will be happy to know that the Snipping Tool is back in Windows 7 and makes screen capturing much easier. The tool lets you take screenshots of your desktop, including full screen snip, free-form snip, rectangular snip and a window snip. Once you take a screenshot, you can annotate, save or e-mail the image from within the Snipping Tool window.

To open the Snipping Tool: Click Start, point to All Programs, Accessories, and click Snipping Tool. The tool appears as a tiny window at the top of the screen while the rest of your screen turns transparent. The cursor also changes to a “+” and is used to select part of the screen. To select, move the cursor to the corner of the image you want to capture. Click and hold down the mouse button, drag the cursor to the opposite corner to form a box around the image and let go of the mouse. You can then save the image as a JPEG, GIF, PNG or HTML file.