With the uproar between Oracle, Open Office and its developers, we might have assumed that things would have settled down after a bit once each party went on their merry way. Now we have Oracle getting grief from Apache and understandably so. Seems that some people out there are feeling like Oracle is attempting to “kill Java”. Obviously this is a speculation at this point, but Oracles move to control what is going on with Java does seem to support the overall idea that Java could be in real trouble.

Seems the meat of the situation comes down to Oracle’s effort to change how Java is to be used. In simplest terms, they are being accused of imposed restrictions on how open source Java is to be used by others. The idea being that Oracle is allegedly ignoring the agreed upon open source license and doing as they wish. Having seen Java take a hit lately in the media, this kind of thing is the last thing the Java community needs.

As for a resolution to this problem, it appears clear that it’s going to have to be a move from Oracle as they are the ones who seem to be changing the rules, if we are to side with the Apache Foundation that is. Honestly, I don’t have a clue. I have read through everything available and I am still lost. Seems clear to me that someone needs to budge here. Otherwise one undeniable problem is going to happen and both sides will continue to fight even more aggressively against one another.