There have been a few places that have been doing everything from hinting to shouting from the rooftops, that Facebook will be offering e-mail soon. The rumor is that the announcement and advent is on Monday.

Is that really something that Facebook should be doing? My own take is that it is like the police department taking up the selling of drugs. It is diametrically opposed to what should be.

Also, the people that bring you Facebook would seem to need massive server farm updates, as their updates for Facebook are very slow, to absolutely molasses-like in updating. The added strain of e-mail is not going to be easily pulled off if there happens to be a large number of people who want an address.


This coming Monday, November 15, will see Facebook holding a new press gathering, and the rumors say its focus will be Project Titan, an email service to rival the likes of Yahoo, Microsoft and Google.

The new service would enable Facebook’s 500+ million users to get an email address, and have a more integrated social/email experience. Just bring together emails from other accounts, add Facebook friends, updates, deals, and you’ve got yourself the next thing to keep people on Facebook even more than before. There’s great potential to such a solution so it will be interesting to see how Facebook plays its cards.

This is an amazing turn of events, as most prognosticators have, of late, pronounced that e-mail is dead, and social networking will be replacing it entirely.

I can hardly wait. I’m on my way to the post office for stamps… (Spammers, start your engines!)