I don’t know about all of you but this reminds me of the “double secret probation” in Animal House. Perhaps, that is not the best analogy but it certainly is a series of events that seem like they would only make sense in a movie best watch while drinking. It is one of those things, I don’t think I will ever come close to “getting” until, at the very least, 4 or 5 good stouts. Mike over at Tech Dirt has more but here is the bulleted list versions;

  • Google decides to give all employees a 10% raise and a $1000.00 bonus
  • Some employee, likely just excited, leaked it
  • Google fires said employee
  • Another employee leaks the firing
  • Google fires leaky employee number 2
  • Somebody leaked the news of the second firing, if the cycle continues, there will be more news later

I guess the message is, “look we are going to do something nice but you are forbidden to let the world know. Like do you think we want more applicants?” I mean, seriously, what message are you trying to send? Did you just hire a public relations team from BP to deal with this?

Google, hire me and pay me well, I promise never to tell.