Thankfully, I have yet to lose my original Roku remote. But after looking into something called DVPRemote for the Apple iPhone, it might  be time to put the old remote control up on a high shelf. On the surface, it’s just another over Wi-Fi remote control much like we’ve seen in the past with Boxee’s Wi-Fi remote on the mobile platform. But DVPRemote provides so much more. Not only can I search for stuff with the real iPhone on screen keyboard, but I can also organize my Roku channels from the remote itself!

Now for the really cool part. Add Netflix movies to your queue, from the remote interface, select the order you want them to appear in… the list of cool options just keeps going. When you find a Netflix title you like from the remote interface list on your iPhone, select it and it will automatically scroll to that selection on your TV screen. Clearly this is the only way to enjoy Netflix in my household now.

Organizing channels, complete control over your Netflix instant videos, and the ability to search for stuff on Netflix and Amazon OneBox makes this one of the most valuable apps I’ve purchased in a long time. Even on my older Roku box, which has HDMI but is of the previous generation, the remote control application works like a rockstar. Just set it to find new Roku boxes and boom, you’re all set. Even if you have multiple boxes in your home, this application has you covered.

The final tidbit I liked about this app is, after my recent manual upgrade to the latest Roku update, I found myself wishing I owned one of the remotes that come with the new Roku boxes. Why? Because they provide instant replay, info, and other buttons not provided with the previous generation. Not to worry though, Roku’s extended functionality works with this software despite my old remote not offering me these features. Best part of it all, this app is only $3 US. Seriously, I spend more than this most weekends at the Amazon OneBox anyway. Might as well get something worthwhile with my $3 this time around!