I am thrilled to see Microsoft coming to their senses and stop pursuing legal moves against the guy who came up with a Linux hack for the Kinect. This article explains that despite Microsoft’s harsh threatening way of scaring the hell out of the open source code writer, it is assumed the stupidity of the threats must have come to surface. “How dare you make our stuff accessible to others like this without our blessing! Sure, it might lead to more sales, but you are bad for even trying it!” Oh Microsoft, don’t ever change…no really, keep circling the tubes, it really works for you.

Honestly, every time I try to take up for Microsoft when they do something right, I have to fall back into the trenches because of their paranoid, old-media like way of thinking. Microsoft, stop shaking your old man cane at your users every time they try to do something that should have been done by you in the first place. It’s crap like this as to why everyone thinks you’re tired and no one wants to develop for you any more. Get over yourselves and try actually embracing this kind of community involvement, duh!

I guess I would be more sympathetic to Microsoft had the controller been reverse engineers and then copied with a cheap knock-off sold for half the price. But seriously, all this does is work for Microsoft and yet they still threatened the effort. I tell you, if there was ever a company is DIRE need of fresh, youthful blood, it is the software giant based in Redmond, WA. Boy they need to get a grip.