That’s what it looks like, if you can believe the rumors printed this morning over at Maximum PC.

The Kin phones, which died unceremoniously after a very short lifespan, are being brought back from the depths of Hades, where some say they should stay, to be part of a holiday offer.

Following a cold reception and disappointing sales, Microsoft took its Kin One and Kin Two devices out behind the shed and put them out of our misery, but apparently these failed phones are poised to rise from the dead, so says a leaked document from Verizon.

PPCGeeks dot com  claims to have received the inside info from a “friend at Verizon,” which shows the wireless carrier’s Q4 roadmap. Assuming it’s accurate, and current, Verizon indeed plans to offer the Kin One and Kin Two phones in time for the holidays.

Didn’t Verizon learn from Microsoft’s debacle? The answer is ‘yes, yes they did.’ This time around, the Kin phones are being released as feature phones, meaning no more $30/month data plans. The previously required data plan was in essence a death sentence for Microsoft’s Kin devices, given that these phones are primarily targeted at teens.

Now, there is nothing to say that this was not some long range planner that happened to escape the dumpster earlier this year, but it certainly would make sense, because no one (especially Mr. Ballmer) wants to see that many phones find heir way to the landfill.

Actually, though I’d want neither for myself, and I think the KIN One was a real piece of trash, the KIN Two looked a lot like a T-Mobile early model Sidekick, which I remember was very, very popular with the younger set. If it gets the appropriate plan, these things could be very nice for the mostly-texting kids in the family.

I hope that Microsoft ordered up a lot more of the KIN Twos (proportionally,at the initial launch!), because it would be a shame for the second chance to be a second time we snicker and make rude jokes about the forethought of those at Microsoft.