It’s a great time to be in the market for an Android phone. This weekend, Amazon is offering a bunch of Android phones for a penny, with a cell phone contract. If you’re already a Gmail and Google Calendar user, Android makes perfect sense as your next phone upgrade, because your PIM data will integrate seamlessly. Among the phones available for a penny are the Samsung Captivate, Motorola Backflip, and Droid Incredible. It appears that the best of these deals are the result of getting a new account at a different carrier than your current one, so switching from AT&T to Verizon, for instance, nets you a better price than upgrading your existing plan. If you were already thinking of switching phones, this is definitely one of the best deals at the moment. If none of the 1-cent Android phones available from Amazon are up your alley, there are additional discounts available from their general pool. The Samsung Fascinate, a phone currently among my personal top choices, is $39.99 this weekend. For some additional help in choosing the right Android phone, check out the round up of Android on T-Mobile and Verizon Android phones.