It hasn’t taken long for those that like to program small things to add functionality to get going on a large number for the 11th major revision of Opera browser.

One hundred and thirteen is quite a few considering that the version that is gold, Opera 10.63, cannot do one thing with them. But the people who love Opera are a crafty bunch, and some of the better ideas that have found their way into Chrome and Iron are finding their way into Opera. This makes the browser do much, more easily than could be done before, and hopefully will bring hoards of new users into the fold.

Some of the extensions I have installed in my copy of Opera 11 are the Opera Configurator, the wrench that makes the inner workings of Opera easy to get to. These are settings that were accessible before, but now are made easier to get to, and hopefully more familiar for anyone that has tried Chrome or Iron. I also have the StumbleUpon extension, which enables stumbling upon all sorts of great sites, which have been suggested by others who have stumbled there before. I also have the weather forecast applet, which works very well, and precludes any necessity of Weatherbug or anything else like it – a good thing because there is no difficulty removing this if you want to, unlike the Weatherbug application. The ability to auto complete from previous uses at a site is something very nice. It has only been available with Firefox until now, and now it is available on Opera. When combined with the ability of the right-click information available through the Wand, the power of Opera is now superior to any other browser in this respect. Lastly, I have an image preview extension installed, which will pop-up an image that resides under a link, without doing anything other than hovering the mouse cursor. It’s very nice for certain things, such as images on reddit.

I haven’t put any others on yet, there are not as many extensions for Opera as there are for Chrome, just yet, but they are coming, and each one looks as though it is well done, something that seems to get better each time done. (The extensions for Chrome are better than those same ones were for Firefox, and the current Opera extensions seem to be better than those for Chrome.)

Now would be a great time to try Opera if you haven’t before, or re-try it if you had tried it, and found something not to your liking. With extensions, and the Opera Configurator, it is trivial to get the kind of performance you want from your browser, and the ease is growing with each update to the browser and each addition to the Extensions Gallery.

Download Opera – A faster and more secure Web browser.

Start with a trip to the desktop team blog, where you can download the alpha of Opera 11, and then from there you can pull up the Extensions, Widgets, and changes in the configuration that will make your Opera conform to your wishes.

The speed is there already!