Honestly, it must be the UI and the HD quality available. This is the ONLY reason I can see someone going with an Apple TV over other similar priced settop boxes. Less content, no upcoming Hulu Plus, nothing.

Despite this, today I learned that Apple TV is selling like hotcakes on Amazon.com. Right now, the Apple TV is doing very well in the Amazon sales arena. And why not, a lot of cool improvements were made to this little box from performance to pricing.

The biggest issue I’ve seen with Apple TV is its closed off nature. Any content available is madeĀ availableĀ via Apple or not at all. Yes, there is the addition of Netflix… but there are no real community based channels available like with the Roku box. Let me say this. Once Hulu Plus begins its roll out on the various consoles and settop boxes, Apple TV could see a decline in its perceived value if it doesn’t catch up.