Many of you are aware of my new campaign for breast awareness.  We show our solidarity by wearing I HEART BOOBIES bracelets, from this company.

Apparently the whole boobies thing has caught on, with many people ordering and showing their solidarity.

If you can believe this, there are actually people who do not support breast awareness.   For some reason they can largely be found higher up in the hierarchy of certain school districts.  I discovered this because a large number of school children have chosen to show their breast awareness with I HEART BOOBIES bracelets and a few school districts have invoked bans on showing our solidarity.

Not to be left out in matters of free speech, the American Civil Liberties Union has filed suit against the Easton School District.  Where would we be without the ACLU?  If I had any spare income at all, I’d send large donations.  You should too.

School officials call the rubber jewelry distracting and demeaning.

No, seriously.  What exactly is the problem here?  Support of breast cancer awareness?  Support of breast awareness?  Both?

Who cares – it’s free speech.  It’s also in really poor taste to appear to be fighting against breast cancer awareness.

The school districts need to focus on something they might not consider as important: teaching and communicating with the children.



I’m not sure irony is the correct term, but it sure is interesting to discover recent news from Medical Science: face and mouth cancers among baby-boomer males tend to be caused largely by HPV.

I’m not the only one who has noticed this… apparently some organization has proposed HPV vaccinations for men.