So perhaps iAds are not as huge as we once thought they might be? Well that is not entirely true. Yes, they  have a ways to go before becoming a buzzword like Google’s ad products. But it’s clear based on this article that iAds have helped to initiate interest in mobile advertising that was missing before the iAd came on the scene.

Word on the street is that while iAds haven’t had as much traction as some might like to have seen early on, Apple’s efforts have worked to make mobile advertising a little more sexy from what it once was.

I remain firmly mixed about how successful mobile advertising will be in the long term as I feel like the attention span of mobile users is next to nil. Immediate gratification, passing interest from item to item and the overwhelming desire to have something for nothing. Yeah, not really a market that holds a candle to that of successful niches found with text ads with Adwords.