Andy Aerts here, again. Waking up on 11/11 in Belgium is special. It’s a national holiday called ‘Wapenstilstand,’ the day the English and Canadians liberated Belgium from the Germans in the first World War. I grabbed my iPhone and saw that I had a lot of Twitter mentions… this was strange because I’m, like, a Twitter n00b. It was great to see Chris approved my blog post for Lockergnome! Therefore, this will be my second post… and these gifts I have for all you Star Wars geeky fans: Chewbacca as it should have been and Black Tie Party.

Blogging isn’t really that hard, although I’d like to have the advantages of this man in typing my blogs… Mexicans have all the luck!

There should be an image here!Meanwhile in Denmark… the party begins

During my funny content search, 30% of the movies I pass should be flagged NSFW (not safe for work); mostly they aren’t and I encountered this little one titled ‘sex video accident‘ (it’s SFW). I don’t get the point why any of the two ‘actors’ would want to put this video online, but I’m glad they did! Got to love these interesting couples.

I also encountered a lot of reviews/previews of Call of Duty-Black Ops, though this I didn’t expect. It’s great to see him again as I always loved his shows.

I’m a great fan of children, which is a good thing as I work in a candy store and most of my clients are children. I’m glad to see they get a proper music education, gaming education, and preparation for the real life. I also like children to be active in sports, though this basketball coach really misses an opportunity, I guess!

One more things for parents… You’re NOT doing your daughter a favor by shooting and editing this movie… Don’t be so proud!

Again, I thank all of those who commented on my earlier post and tweeted about it…
You can all follow me on Twitter @AndyAerts where I also post my online funny content. I ‘ll try to post them in English, as some of you recommended.

Hope to see you guys around and… protect the funny!