Speed matters to Google. Not merely because of some overly simplified experience for the end user, rather the result of said experience. In short, faster web means more ad bucks into Google’s grubby little mitts. Facts are simple, Google is willing to do what they can to encourage a faster surfing experience. And as an end user, I think this is a grand idea and am interested in their ideas. As luck would have it, Google is looking to speed up the web by attaching something to Apache.

What is Google looking to add on specifically? A new module called mod_pagespeed. The idea behind this module, is fairly straight forward: optimize and reduce page load on an apache web server. Seems fairly obvious to me. And if successful, it could be really good for everyone! Imagine more websites with better load times and making the surfing experience more pleasent for everyone in general.

So in the end, Google is on the right track. Not just for themselves, but also for the end users and webmasters who will enjoy the added value of a faster web surfing experience. As for the long term benefit, this remains to be seen. But based on what I am seeing here, it looks fairly promising.

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