One of the biggest gripes among those who want to use more web apps is that there is no centralized, standard means of discovery, management and even just installation. Seems like everyone has a different way of handling web apps. And there can be little doubt that this poses a real problem for everyone looking to succeed within the web app space. Enter Mozilla’s proposal for dealing with the problem.

According to this article, Mozilla wants to create an open web app ecosystem of sorts. I like the idea, as it would provide a set of rules for others to follow which would provide for more cross-brand opportunities without the usual headaches of Microsoft-like lockdown that make the Web, suck. Obviously, this is a bit of a poke at Apple’s way of doing things where it’s all Apple, all the time. But with mutual cooperation, this open web app ecosystem could very well be a real hit.

After examining the criteria for where Mozilla wants to go with their open web app ecosystem concept, I think the biggest factor that will need to be addressed is making sure that we see a strong community develop early on. Without such a community, I don’t believe there will be enough participation for anyone to really benefit here. Oh, one other area that needs to be addressed. Getting developers involved. With so many being bent on doing things their way, we may see some friction here. I wouldn’t be surprised if we have to kiss a few frogs before finding devs who are on board.