Since I’m on the Internet most of the day because of work, I have to say that I probably watch a handful of online videos per day. Some of them may be sent to me, some of them may be related to some work project, and some of them may be other interesting and entertaining videos that I find. A lot of the time I can watch the videos right away, but depending on their length and what’s going on at the time, I may have to save them for later. While I could just bookmark them in my browser, Radbox provides a special way to save videos for later.

Using a simple bookmarklet, you can save videos from over seventy video sites and store them in your Radbox queue that is built for watching videos. You can also save videos through e-mail and Google Reader, and social sharing is a part of the service through Facebook and Twitter integration. When you’re ready, your videos will be waiting for you on your schedule.