Let’s start off with why we are all here… we all have some geekiness inside of us, haven’t we? Therefore, especially for you, I give you The Evolution of the Geek. I’ve found myself belonging to more then one group. Does that make me an ubergeek?

Let’s talk tech. Who has ever pirated a movie? No? It’s a lot of work, isn’t it? I’ve found this great advertisement about it…

Meanwhile, in South America, exams are taking place.

There should be an image here!Halloween has been past us for a while now, but still there is some great new footage coming online daily. There was a witch vs. bumblebee fight at Denny’s. Talking about fast food, look at this kid. Great marketeer for McDonald’s? And some people still found it amusing dressing up their pets. That one is kinda handy, I guess. This one is just sci-fi geeky.

Last but not least, there were many toilet posts this week. Mostly they are used when drinking too much and afterwards you need one of these. Maybe I will ask for one of these for Christmas. And never pee in public or punishment will be severe! (You get the point, right?)

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I’m Andy Aerts, and I’m a basketball coach who lives in Belgium and works in a candy store. Find me on Twitter @andyaerts and Facebook. I love funny Internet content! Hope to see you around!