When I read that Hulu Plus was finally ready to be used on the Roku, I immediately went to see what Hulu was going to offer. Once I did a software upgrade on my Roku, I was able to preview several pieces of content to check out the quality. I chose the Smithsonian Episode to view, which was a segment on the zoo in Washington D.C. It was in HD, 720P, and streamed perfectly. The color and clarity were very good and I was impressed with overall quality.

Next I opted to try a one week free preview of Hulu Plus that is available on their website. There is one condition to the offer. You have to provide a credit card number and agree to be charged $7.99 after the one week expires. The next offer I noticed was for one month of free service for those using a Chase credit card. Lucky me. I have a Chase card, which I used.

After activating the Roku, which requires entering a code on the Hulu Plus site, I was up and running. Just as an experiment, I hopped over to view an old episode of the TV program Bones. Bones is broadcast in HD and sure enough, the quality from Hulu Plus was exceptional. I watched the entire episode without any stuttering and skips.

I am going to use Hulu Plus and Netflix streaming of movies for the next month. I will be doing a follow-up review on or about 12-15-10.

Comments welcome.